Dynacord XA 4000 Dual Channel Active 2 Way Amplifier


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Dynacord XA 4000 Dual Channel Active 2 Way Amplifier

The universally usable Xa 4000 active 2-way power amplifier provides Class H technology and a switching power supply.

Xa4000 power amps combine outstanding audio performance, highest reliability and operational safety allowing easy setup and operation of active 2-way systems with a crossover frequency of 140Hz between bass and mid/high cabinets. The power ampfs output capacity of 1100W/4ohms for the bass channel and 900W/4ohms for the mid/high channel allows the connection of up to four 8ohms cabinets per channel.


The integrated frequency crossover separates the bass from the mid/high range at 140Hz. The x-over is carried out as a modified Butterworth-crossover with a slope of 18dB/octave. The crossover frequency of 140Hz allows the connection of basically any mid/high and bass cabinet. Using 2-or 3-way fullrange speaker systems . for example DYNACORD F150 . as mid/high cabinets is possible as well.


Individual dB-scaled level controls for SUB and TOP channels, which are carried out as recess-mounted detent potentiometers provide a control range between +6dB and  allow combining bass and mid/high cabinets with quite different efficiency.


The frequency response of the Xa 4000 particularly accounts for the requirements of live applications. An integrated Lo-Cut filter attenuates low-frequency signals such as rumble and subsonic noise protecting the bass cabinets from being damaged by mechanical overload.


As used in the XA2 Pro system

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Dimensions 50 × 30 × 40 cm